Project Experience

Fixed Network Experience

  • Telstra Wideband installation and maintenance, with the scope of end to end one stop shop service. Covering design, installation (both internal and external), civil construction, commissioning and back up maintenance.
  • Telstra fibre remediation program, fault finding on optical fibre cable between exchanges to find and alleviate pressure points
  • Telstra construction of the access network for new subdivisions including pit pipe, cable hauling and jointing
  • Telstra network maintenance within the customer access network in both rural and metropolitan areas for cable faults and rectification
  • Telstra emergency breakdown service to cover from power outages for exchanges and mobile sites, to emergency fibre damage repairs
  • Telstra NBN Exchange Suite fit out program
  • NBN FttH builds in Canberra, CRC 01 – 06
  • NBN Transit Links Crace to Civic Exchange
  • NBN FttH builds in Sydney Metro, BLK, PTH, RIV and RCH FSA's
  • NBN Transit implementation works
  • NBN FAN build multiple sites
  • Optus Access Engineering Civil and Fibre Program
  • Optus Network Building and Commissioning Services
  • AAPT POP builds-from site establishment to handover of integrated sites
  • Private camera and LAN systems for Visy pulp and paper, Cargill Australia, Hyne timber
  • Remediation works for all Charles Sturt university sites on their fibre networks.
  • ICS first maintenance
           NBN Active Equipment
           - Roadside Furniture
           - Wireless Tower
           Optus CEVs

Wireless Networks Experience:

  • VHA Huawei BTS upgrade NSW Regional
  • VHA Ericsson Radio links upgrade NSW regional
  • Telstra Solar & Microwave HCRC Recovery
  • Telstra HCRC battery change out program
  • Telstra first in maintenance BTS + Exchange
  • Optus BTS first in maintenance program both internal and external works
  • Optus BTS upgrade program for both internal and external works
  • DDA first in maintenance program for both internal and external works
  • DDA tower and mast works with the installation of transmission microwave links on both Brownfield and Greenfield sites
  • Vodafone first in maintenance
  • RFS NSW tower maintenance program
  • NSW Railways maintenance and greenfield builds